Computers and Modules Services

The PCM or Powertrain Control Module is a critical part concerning your vehicles performance and engine behavior. The PCM is can be compared most in the same ways a Brain functions for us. Calculating driving patterns and situations to better the driver experience once the vehicle learns a specific driver’s ways. The PCM makes decisions based on parameters such as engine temperature, engine demand/load, throttle demand, vibrations, Exhaust performance and more. Just like a person looking to see what to wear in the morning dependent on temperature, the engine once started will make the same types of calculations to get to operational temperatures without delay. Using wires to transport its messages a lot like a human and its nerves passing electrical messages back and forth. It decides when and how much fuel to mix with the air being introduced into the engine.

It is the responsibility of the PCM to let the driver know when a problem occurs by turning on the check engine light or malfunction indicator. This light or message can be seen on your dashboard. Tools such as OBD (On Board Diagnostics) scanners can communicate with PCM also known as ECU (Engine Control Unit) to let the technician know where to go investigate and a good lead for diagnostic assistance. Besides this module are others controlling and running other aspects and systems of your car such as the transmission control module, body control module, 4×4 module, Door module, window module, Body Electrical module and others. These modules are constantly speaking to each other by using data messages and signals just like a language.


If the light should come on, then have this concern verified. When in doubt, just select Complete Vehicle OBD Scan as your Service of choice to get your price & appointment booked with Garage Match as soon as possible.


Garage Match offers a wide selection of Computers and Modules Services & Inspections from Air Bag/SRS Module Replacement to Fuel Pump Module Replacement to ECM/PCM(Engine Computer/Module) Replacement to ABS Light is on Inspection and much more.


A technician will perform a Scan and/or visual inspection to begin to determine if replacement is necessary.  Have the Modules verified & tested when in doubt!