Diagnostics Services


Vehicle diagnostics is used when a solution to a problem is not very clear or noticeable upon first check. A further Inspection is required. Usually referring to everything that has to do with your cars electrical system and mechanical system from engine to suspension and many other components. Diagnostics are needed when for example your ABS light is on or when your Check Engine light is on. It could also be that your brake pedal is lower than usual or the headlights are suddenly dimming. These problems and issues can also be intermittent. When this is the case, a Diagnostic will surely be in place.

A Diagnostic procedure always follows the same pattern. 1. Starting with an assessment of the problem the technician will note all affected areas concerning the problem. 2. They will then verify for any related TSB (Tech Service Bulletins) or Recalls coinciding with the same issue at hand. If not, 3. they will continue with a Vehicle Scan to verify if any concern has been recorded in the affected areas Electronic Module. 4. They will locate and use the Vehicle Specific Data Repair Procedure for that specific concern. The Repair Procedures are standard in the industry and are the same tests and procedures being used Globally.


Different levels of diagnostic issues exist. From an unknown cause for an engine to stall suddenly to a clunking noise that isn’t so apparent or easy to locate. Garage Match offers you Vendors that are up to date with all the industries latest electronic and digital aids to get your vehicles health back in order. When in doubt, its easy, book your Garage Match appointment with a qualified technician.


Garage Match offers a wide selection of Diagnostics Services & Inspections from Reduced Power light is on Inspection to When I slow down and stop the car, engine shuts off Inspection and much more.


A technician will use Diagnostics to get to the bottom of any irregularity your car may be exhibiting.  Have the vehicles diagnostic health checked & tested! Your cars diagnostic health should be verified once a year or every 15,000 km which ever you attain first.