Drive Belts Services

The Engine’s Serpentine multi-ripped Belt is often overlooked as the culprit to engine noises and malfunctions. Depending on the Engine’s accessory pulley setup, this rubber component is responsible for turning all the engine’s external pulleys such as power steering pump, alternator, water pump, air conditioning and others. It achieves this by being held down by a Belt tensioner tight enough to be driven by the main crankshaft pulley.

When the serpentine belt begins to get old, dry rubber will begin to crack and even lose pieces of itself because it can no longer stretch like a new one. This can cause all sorts of issues with your electrical charging system, use of power steering when parking at low speed and more. Noises like chirping under the hood are a sign that the Belt is losing its qualities and is a sign that replacement is needed. When in doubt, have a technician verify this concern. Tools are used to determine the condition of the Belt along with a visual inspection.


Garage Match offers a wide selection of Belt Services & Inspections from Drive Belt Tensioner Replacement to Timing Belt Replacement to Alternator Belt Replacement to Screeching or squealing noises coming from engine and much more.


A technician will perform a visual inspection to determine if replacement is necessary.  Have the belt verified & tested! On many cars, the expected life of a serpentine belt is approximately 90,000 km.