Engine Compartment Services

The Engine Compartment is where your car’s engine and accessories are located. It literally holds your engine in place. It does this with the use of engine mounts. In many four to six- cylinder engine vehicles the transmission can be found here as well. Once the hood is opened you are exposed to all the components. Be Advised to never open the hood with the engine running nor attempt to touch anything without turning off the engine first.  It is good that you familiarize yourself with each one in the instance that you need to fill up your wiper fluid, or check the brake fluid level or top of your engine oil.

The engine is made up of parts such as the heads, cam sensor, block, engine mount, valve cover gasket, belts, coolant tubes, radiator fan, alternator, water pump and more. Also located here are the reservoir’s that hold the coolant and windshield wiper fluids. Most vehicles also have the PCM computer stored away safely somewhere in the engine compartment along with the ABS Module. A technician goes under the hood in order to work on the engine. Weather they need to investigate a leak, replace the spark plugs, inspect wiring or simply do an engine health check-up. Some older vehicles even have an OBD port located here in order to connect with and scan the PCM.


If the check engine light should come on, this means there is trouble where the heart lies. When in doubt, just select Complete Vehicle OBD Scan as your Service of choice to get your price & appointment booked with Garage Match.


Garage Match offers a wide selection of Engine Compartment Services from Water Pump Replacement to Car Starter Replacement to Intake Manifold Gasket/s Replacement to Head Gasket Replacement, to Throttle Body Replacement and much more.


A technician will perform a Scan and/or visual inspection to determine the issue. Engine Tune-Ups are usually recommended every 15,000 km – 20, 000 km in older cars and 40,000 km to 120, 000 km in newer ones.