Exhaust System Services

The Exhaust System is what carries the combusted gases from the engine to the rear of the vehicle away from the occupants. It’s main purpose is to quiet down an engine and to transform harmful gases such as hydrocarbonscarbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into water and carbon-dioxide. It does this through the use of its Catalytic-Converter and Oxygen Sensors. Oxygen sensors measure the O2 levels before and after the mixture has been cleaned.  Another part that makes up this system is the exhaust manifold (also called headers sometimes). Located at the side of the engine bolted to the head where the engine exhales. Some systems also have a resonator to quiet down the affair even more so. Continuing down the line is the muffler. It too keeps the car quiet, but this part be replaced with one that has a higher note or more aggressive sound giving your vehicle a signature to it!

Signs the Exhaust system has issues are Check engine light on, Decreased Engine power, Lowered Fuel Economy, Smell of unburned gas, and a lower than normal looking exhaust.


Exhaust systems come in different shapes, forms, sizes, lengths and designs. Special higher end vehicles usually have more a less restricted design and sound to them while touring cars have more a basic sound and flow to them not to attract too much attention while keeping the experience fun! The tail pipe is last on the line for exhaust and is purely esthetic. This is the part visible in the rear of the vehicle where newer cars have it incorporated with the rear bumper design.


Exhaust systems can also have a Turbo incorporated in them where the engines exhaust gases spin the turbine inside the turbo which then spins another turbine directly connected to it but on the intake (breathing in) side forcing more air into the engine. This adds up to more power, performance and efficiency. These exhaust designs are slightly more complex and require more maintenance and attention.


Garage Match offers a wide selection of Exhaust System Services and Inspections from Canister Purge Solenoid Replacement to Exhaust Manifold Replacement to Noise from Exhaust Inspection to Muffler Replacement, to Exhaust fume odor in Car Inspection and much more.


A technician will perform a Scan if the Check engine light is on and a visual inspection to determine if there are any parts to be replaced. Exhaust systems need check-ups as well and can be verified during a routine inspection.