Car Battery Services

Car Batteries


The Car Battery is one of the most critical parts of a vehicles electrical system. It’s main purpose is providing energy to the engine’s starter. It goes through a chemical reaction in turn releasing electricity. With the engine running, the alternator is now is resposible for charging the battery while keeping a steady output of current. The requirement standard for your next engine start is 12.6 V (6 Cells 2.1 volts each)


Garage Match offers a wide selection of battery services & Inspections from Battery Replacement Service to Battery Cable Replacement to Battery Light is on Inspection and more.

When battery light is ON SOLID!


A technician will perform certain tests to determine if replacement is necessary. After noticing accessories malfunctioning it means the battery voltage is critical, such as warning lights.  Have the battery tested!


Car batteries have a life of 3 to 5 years in Canada dependent on weather conditions and/or how many times it has been left un attended or without maintenance. A battery load test will let you know your batteries current output and is a tell-tale that replacement is much smarter than waiting until the used battery is completely discharged. A battery more than 3 years old is an old battery.