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Vehicle Doors is not just referring to the ones that let you in and out of your car. But also the ones that give you access to the engine compartment called the hood and luggage compartment called the trunk. Cars come in many option from 2 door models (Coupe) to 3 door models (2 door Hatchback) to 4 door models (sedan) to 5 door models (station wagon or sedan W/hatchback look). They also come in different variations concerning how they open and close such as conventional(Regular)Doors, Butterfly Doors, Suicide Doors, Gull-wing Doors, Scissor Doors, Sliding Doors, Canopy Doors and Dihedral Doors.

Doors are made up of many working components such as Door handles, panels, latches, hinges, release cables, switches, relays, actuators, locks, solenoids, interior handles, exterior handles, lift shocks/supports and in some cases modules. All the moving parts work together allowing the user to command any feature desired at any given moment.


These parts will wear out over time creating issues such as a door lock not operating properly or intermittently, or water seepage where corrosion took place on modules and wiring causing havoc with the messages that need to be sent. You will notice that the older the vehicle the less options and features the door will have and the more recent your car is the more features and options it will have. Such as remote and/or electronic operation of the lock and unlock option. Usually, more luxurious vehicles have more options.


When in doubt, just select one of the many Repairs and Inpsections as your Door Service of choice to get your price & appointment booked with Garage Match as soon as possible.


Garage Match offers a wide selection of Doors Services & Inspections from Casr Door Lock Relay Replacement to Trunk Latch Release Cable Replacement to Interior Car Door Handle Replacement to Door will not Unlock/Lock Inspection and much more.


A technician will perform a tests and visual inspection to determine what is wrong with your door.  Have the Door verified if signs of problems begin. Door’s normally need greasing on moving parts roughly every 5,000 km