Clutch and Transmission Services

 The Clutch & Transmission components transfer the power from the engine to the wheels of your car. The clutch is responsible for a smooth integration of power from a moving engine to a still transmission. The transmission then transfers this incoming power through its gears and to the wheels directly. The are 2 types of transmissions. Manual transmission where the driver selects the gear of choice through a gear shifter. Automatic transmission where the vehicle decides what gear and when to apply it by placing the range selector in P (park), R (reverse), D (drive)

Clutch: The Clutch is needed because the engine is always turning but not the wheels. The clutch allows this smooth integration to occur by using a clutch plate/discs and flywheel. Giving the driver control of demand in a manual transmission. There are clutches as well in automatic transmissions.

Trans: To get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle, an automatic transmission is best. Using planetary gears to transfer engine torque more efficiently than a manual. The manual locks different sets of gears to achieve a different set of gear ratios while an automatic can achieve the same gear ratios with one set of gears.

Garage Match offers a wide selection of Clutch & Transmission Services & Inspections from Axle Shaft Seal Replacement to Speed Sensor Replacement to Transmission Fluid Service to Grinding sound from transmission Inspection and much more.

A technician will perform a test drive and/or visual inspection to determine if transmission service is necessary.  Have the transmission verified if signs of problems are showing. Transmission’s need regular scheduled service every 10,000 km – 30, 000 km depending the Make and Model and Full transmission flush and filter replacement roughly every 80, 000 – 100,000 km.